Electrical Installation

Whether new construction or renovations, Essential Electrical can install electrical systems in new homes or upgrade existing ones. This includes installing outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, circuit breakers, and other electrical components.

Electrical Repair

Essential Electrical can diagnose and repair electrical problems in homes. This includes fixing faulty wiring, replacing damaged outlets or switches, repairing electrical appliances, and fixing circuit breakers.

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Let us power your home or business with our reliable and efficient electrical services. Our licensed and experienced electricians deliver safe and cost-effective solutions that meet your unique needs. From installations to repairs, we’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Trust us to keep you connected and powered up.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Essential Electrical can perform safety inspections to identify potential electrical hazards in homes. This includes checking for overloaded circuits, testing smoke detectors, and inspecting wiring for damage or wear.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Essential Electrical can upgrade the electrical panel in a home to accommodate increased electrical needs or to comply with updated electrical codes.



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Regular maintenance checks on electrical systems in homes to ensure that they are functioning properly and safely. This includes checking for loose connections, inspecting circuit breakers, and testing electrical outlets


Whether new construction, remodels, additions, or whatever your needs call Essential Electrical for you installation needs


Keep your home or business running at its peak by ensuring all electrical components are ready for the way you need to use them


Essential Electrical can handle all your upgrade needs and can install and set up home automation systems that allow homeowners to control lighting, temperature, and other home appliances remotely